Live Blackjack

Do you want to feel the atmosphere of a casino at home? Then an online casino is just the thing for you. You can take a seat at a real table with a dealer via streaming and place your bets virtually. Our experience shows that the fun is significantly higher compared to the virtual version. Of course, the dealers also play their part. The card game is especially popular in the USA, but we can say that Live Blackjack has also reached Malaysia.

However, you should not start playing at just any provider, but inform yourself about the best live blackjack casinos beforehand. We will show you what is important and which providers perform well.

Live Blackjack

The live variations in the God55 Casino

The God55 Casino have a few variations of live blackjack in their repertoire. Due to the extra effort that a live stream of a real table requires, God55 Casino usually focus on a few variants.

In principle, the variants of the games in the live casino are relatively similar. However, there are sometimes small rule variations or a slightly different gameplay. We could discover the following variants in our live blackjack experiences:

  • Classic Live Blackjack: The classic variant is logically the most well-known form and available in most where you can play online. The game takes place at a semi-circular table and is played with a French hand of 52 cards. The goal is to have more points than the dealer with two or more cards, but not more than 21. Aces count for one or eleven points, the pictures for ten and the other cards according to their number of points. Several players can play at the same time at one table against one dealer.
  • Blackjack party: This variant provides a little more atmosphere at the tables. Unlike the traditional game with a live dealer, Blackjack Party is played with two or more dealers. The dynamic communication guarantees a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere. However, you are still competing against only one dealer.
  • Pre Decision Blackjack: If you want to play as many hands as possible in a given time, Pre Decision Blackjack is a good choice. Since players don’t have to wait for their turn, the rounds go faster. Each player can make their decision when it is the first player’s turn.
  • VIP Blackjack: VIP Blackjack provides a little more class. Usually, access is reserved only for players with VIP status or players with large capital. The limits are higher and the games are run by professional VIP dealers – but basically, the “normal dealers” are also professionals. The ambience at the VIP tables is also a bit more classy.

The list makes no claim to completeness, because over time many variations of the card game have emerged. Depending on the offer differs significantly.

The most important criteria for a good live blackjack

Before you decide on a provider, you should know how to recognize recommendable live casinos. I have already considered the most important criteria when selecting the top 5:

  • License and seriousness
  • Customer support
  • Winning odds
  • Mobile support
  • Payment methods
  • Bonus

With a gambling provider, you must always pay attention to the license. Only with a valid license from an appropriate regulatory authority such as the Malta Gaming Authority is the online casino allowed to offer gambling at all. Logically, this also applies to live blackjack providers. The current license is displayed on the website of legal live casinos – as long as it is a reputable online casino. The regulatory authorities regularly inspect the companies and also check, among other things, whether the services meet consumer protection. With online casinos with a valid license, you can therefore be sure that you are playing in a serious and fair online casino.

Problems can nevertheless arise here as well, either due to technical errors or human error. If you encounter problems, the best thing to do is to ask for help from the customer service. Since it is a service, legal blackjack casinos must guarantee your satisfaction – and be there for you accordingly through competent customer service.

A good live blackjack casino must also be convincing in terms of service. Organizational and technical questions should be solved quickly. Ideally, the online casino offers a free hotline, but also a 24-hour live chat provides plus points. The classic e-mail is actually used by all online casinos as a form of communication. The best providers respond to the electronic letter in less than an hour. Too long waiting times are a sign of a lack of support and have a negative effect on the rating.

Limits and odds

Depending on the variant, the table limits also vary. Almost all preferences are covered; you can play with relatively low and also very high stakes. Since the effort for the implementation of live games on the Internet is higher than in the virtual variant, you have to do without the micro-limits. However, there are already online casinos that offer live blackjack.

On average, however, you usually have to put a few euros into your virtual hand per round. Many of the best live blackjack casinos start at five euros. There are hardly any limits to the table maximum. Some providers cap the stakes at MYR 49735. Others even allow you to play with MYR 248655 In my opinion, this should be enough for every player.

The games in the online casinos all have different winning odds. The odds are statistically determined based on probability. So here it is luck that counts whether you win or lose. In card games such as blackjack or poker, unlike baccarat, you have the opportunity to intervene with your decisions during the game. In this way, you can influence the odds.

Theoretically, it is possible to achieve a probability of winning of almost 100 percent. The way the player plays is crucial. Compared to the dealer, the player also has more decision-making options, because the dealer’s game is determined by the rules. You can also find table games like blackjack in the legal slot casinos.

Live Dealer – Selection and Experience

The special thing about live games is of course the ambience with a real table and live dealer. Live Blackjack experiences are therefore much more realistic and emotional compared to the virtual version.

The dealers have a special role to play here, as they represent the social component. They are supposed to provide a sympathetic atmosphere, which should encourage people to play for a longer period of time.

The live dealers must therefore have a certain charisma and be adept at making contact with unknown and anonymous users. They are equipped with a microphone so that communication can proceed smoothly. Meanwhile, you can usually reply via chat. However, there are also some live casinos that also allow their players to use a microphone.

Of course, the dealers must also have motor and mental skills. They are specialized in handling the cards and logically they also know the rules of the variants. Many live dealers also have practical or professional experience in casinos and other gambling establishments, so you are always in good hands at the live tables at good online casinos.

Apart from these basics, your taste is crucial. Whether a dealer is likeable is not objectively measurable. This varies from counterpart to counterpart. However, if you have found your favorite, many online casinos offer a follower function. You will then always be notified at which table your favorite dealer is currently dealing and whether seats are free. But don’t forget to tip! The function to give the game leader a small tip is usually also available.

What languages are available?

When it comes to communication, the choice of language obviously plays a crucial role. Since casino sites want to make their guests’ stay as comfortable as possible, you have a relatively wide range when it comes to language selection.

Since online casinos are usually internationally oriented companies, English language operation is offered by all popular online casinos. However, due to popular demand, many also offer Malaysian live blackjack. Here you can communicate in Malaysia with the dealer and do not have to bother with a foreign language, which you may not be sufficiently powerful. Of course, this also applies to other native speakers.

In addition, it is important to maintain etiquette when playing live blackjack in an online casino. Emotions are part of the game, that’s for sure. You are welcome to express your feelings, but you have to be careful to do so in a healthy way. The croupiers and players are respectful of others. If players start to be abusive and insulting, this can be punished with exclusion.

Live Blackjack in the mobile app

Easy access to gambling via the Internet is the biggest plus point of online casinos compared to real casinos. With the support of mobile devices, you as a player can now benefit from it even more. You can seek the thrill not only anytime, but anywhere you have an internet connection. Many providers therefore also support live games on smartphones or tablets.

Depending on the provider, you have the option to participate in live blackjack either via the browser or via a dedicated casino app. However, playing via the best casino apps is usually better and more convenient. Often, all account functions are available, so that you can also check your account and make deposits and withdrawals on your mobile device.

However, the quality of the apps varies greatly. This applies to the range of functions and services as well as to the quality and presentation. It is best to take a look at a few casino apps and choose your favorite. Especially when it comes to design, tastes differ.

Live Blackjack is not always supported by the mobile offers of online casinos. There are also differences in the availability of casino apps on the two operating systems iOS and Android. If you want to use casino apps more often in any case, you should inform yourself about the best mobile casinos. If the online casino provides a good app, the chance of live blackjack in the mobile app is given in any case.

Is there a special live blackjack bonus?

The competitive pressure in the gambling industry is enormous. This is especially evident in sports betting on the Internet and online casinos. The opening and maintenance of a virtual casino is much easier than that of a stationary casino. However, this also has advantages for you as a player. To attract new customers, online casinos offer bonuses with which you can increase your gambling account:

  • Welcome bonus for new customers
  • Free spins for certain games
  • Starting balance

First and foremost, online casinos provide welcome bonuses for new customers. The bonus amount is usually dependent on your deposit and capped at a certain amount. A maximum of several hundred euros or even low four-digit amounts are possible as a welcome bonus. This varies from provider to provider.

However, you must observe the bonus conditions. Before you can use the bonus capital freely, the conditions must be met. For this purpose, a multiple of the bonus amount – often 25 to 35 times – must be used in the casino games. However, not all games are valid for free spinning the amount. Therefore, it is crucial for players who prefer playing with a live dealer to know whether Live Blackjack also counts towards the turnover. This information can be found in the bonus terms and conditions.

However, very few online casinos offer a special Live Blackjack bonus. However, there are some providers who have a bonus specifically for live players in the program. This bonus you can unlock at the live tables, but also in other games such as online live roulette.

In addition, the online casinos also award new customers a starting credit or free spins for certain games, which can also be used for live blackjack. However, the bonus amount in these cases is much lower than the welcome bonuses.

The differences from normal blackjack

Rules of the game

Apart from special variants, the rules do not differ from those in the real casino. You have the same decision-making options, except that the execution in the online casino takes place via the software. However, the action in Live Blackjack takes place at a real table with a real dealer.

The online casino is therefore also suitable as preparation for going to a real casino. You can familiarize yourself with the customs at a table and are thus also as a beginner first Live Blackjack experience and transfer this directly into the real world.
Communication and atmosphere

In a live casino on the Internet, an atmosphere is created that comes close to that of a real casino. The transmitted live stream and the dealer let you completely immerse yourself in the game. You sit comfortably at home, but you are not surrounded by the other players. At the same time, the social component is served, because there is communication with the dealer.
Independence of time and place

When you play live blackjack online, you are free in the decisions of when, where and how you play. You can play at your desk in your study or with your tablet on your bed; the transmission via live stream is only one-sided. Just play wherever you feel comfortable. There is no dress code and no opening hours. The good live blackjack casinos have a table ready for you at any time.

Game offer

In addition, the game selection in the online casino is larger. Not only do you have more tables to choose from, but also more limits and variants of live blackjack. As a rule, the operators of online casinos have partners like Vivo Gaming for this purpose, who provide the live tables and software. When organizing the live tables, less attention has to be paid to the building selection and the needs of the customers as in a real casino. As a result, live tables from online casinos require less space and money.
Live vs. virtual blackjack

Playing on the internet has become a method that excites many casino fans. The virtual card game has evolved a lot in the 20 or so years that casino sites have been around, from just revealing cards to video simulations with a simulated game master. Live blackjack in online casinos, on the other hand, is the next step to further reduce the differences of a real and a virtual casino.

In contrast to live blackjack, with virtual card games you have an even greater offer, because the game execution is carried out by means of software. This allows operators to be very creative in terms of design. You also have more choice in terms of variants and table limits. You can also benefit from blackjack bonus offers.

The stakes at the live tables are a bit higher, because the casino has to bear higher costs due to the additional effort. They sometimes reach the limits in a high roller online casino. Most casinos offer live tables with stakes of about five euros. With virtual blackjack, it already starts in the microlimits with low, double-digit cent amounts.

For many players, however, the biggest advantage is the personal component provided by the live dealer. The sympathy to a person and the atmosphere of a real casino environment cannot be realized to the same extent even by the best video simulation.

In addition, the live dealer offers another advantage: there is no need to use RNG (Random Number Generator) software when playing live blackjack. This provides an additional sense of security for players because they can watch the dealer in real time.

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